Roy Guerrieri was a founding member of LEFT END. Prior to that time, Roy played bass guitar and sang with an R&B nightclub group…The Dimension. He brought his talent to the Soulsations and later LEFT END. Roy and Jim Puhalla brought their funk and R&B style together with the harder rock style of Tom Figinsky and Pat Palombo to give LEFT END its unique musical style. His skill with vocal harmonies was a unique contrast with the rowdy power vocals of Dennis T. Menass. Roy was the “Macho Italian” member of LEFT END. His intimidating presence on stage was tempered by his outrageous sense of humor. Roy’s sarcastic one-liners could bring people to their knees in laughter and in some cases fear. His dry sense of humor helped the group get through troubled times. From 1970 through his departure from the group in 1983, Roy represented the strength and power of LEFT END.

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