Tom 10 yr anivTom Figinsky first picked up a guitar as an elementary student and started his first band, The Unruled, as a young teenager. The group evolved into the “Cherry Paup” when its members were in high school. After high school, Tom played in a variety of local groups until he was recruited by former “Cherry Paup” drummer, Patsy Palombo, to join LEFT END. Tom soon became a standout in LEFT END. His screaming guitar solos, stage presence and vocals earned him the respect of musicians in the Mahoning Valley music scene. When Dennis T. Menass joined LEFT END, he and Tom became the principle writers for the group. From their first single “Sunshine Girl” through the singles and albums that followed, Tom was a key writer and demonstrated an impressive talent for recording, overdubbing, and producing in a recording studio. His talent with LEFT END was matched with his abilities on a motorcycle. From hill climbing to motor cross racing, Tom turned the throttle with the same tenacity he demonstrated on stage with his axe. Truth be told…Tom Figinsky is The Cyclone Rider!

Tom jammin in 1980.

The Cyclone Rider!Tom Cyclone rider

Tom Agora 1980

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