Patsy 2001

Patsy Palombo began his drumming career at the ripe age of three. He played for family members with his cousin Sandi in the Hot Shot Band. Pat played in his high school marching band, concert band and studied with the late great jazz drummer, Tom Paolone. He began playing professionally at fourteen with a group of high school seniors called the Dis-in-Habited. One year later, Pat was recruited by classmates and joined an upcoming teenage band…the Unruled that later became Cherry Paup. The group featured lead guitarist, Tom Figinsky, who would later join Pat in LEFT END. In 1970, Pat joined the Soulsations who evolved into LEFT END. Although he played with other groups and orchestras throughout his musical career, his heart was truly in the rowdy, rockin, kick-ass, in your face LEFT END. Just like his Italian heritage, every gathering with LEFT END was outrageously DRAMATIC!!!!

Patsy with the Cherry Paup Patsy with the Cherry Paup. Tom Figinsky to his right.
Patsy the three-year old Hot Shot Patsy at age 3…the Hot Shot Band.
Patsy 1976 Patsy at Trumbull County Fair in 1975. LEFT END was headlining in the grandstand.

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